Lets jump right into it.......

Reese has always been a "draft now for the future" type of guy.
Last year we knew Ross, Manningham, and possibly Jacobs might be gone. What did Reese do? Draft Da'rell, Jernigan, and Prince.

Reese quietly invested in the future of our LB core as well, 4 rookies eventually made the roster, 2 were late draft picks.

The 2012 Draft will be interesting because we have no real glaring needs, the draft will be conducted on the premise of aging positions. This brings me to a scenario that would play out like this:

Round 1: OT
Round 2: C
Round 3: RB
Round 4: CB/S (the highest rated guy left)
Round 4: G
(You can flip-flop the 4th round picks depending on player rating)
Round 5: TE
Round 6: QB
Round 7: Mr.Irrelevant (Im guessing a skill position here, maybe WR or another DB)

Only thing that worries me is not drafting a DE this year, then i remember we still have Kiwi on the roster.