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Thread: Dj ware

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    Dj ware

    Giants can not go with ware as the main backup rb.... Sorry but he sucks .... Never gets push and has zero vision , runs into his own men for Christ sakes ..... Especially with Bradshaw pretty much missing 4-6 games a year ... The running game will be brutal ... I hope we either get some one or give Scott the chance at worst.... But prefer we get another vet

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    Re: Dj ware

    I would be shocked if we went out and either paid or traded for a veteran RB.

    It just seems to go against Reese's commitment to youth at the WR and RB positions.

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    Re: Dj ware

    Save your concern for pre-season. There's a long way to go.

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    Re: Dj ware

    4-6 games a YEAR? where does that come from?

    but yeah Ware sucks

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    Re: Dj ware

    Ware = 0

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    Re: Dj ware

    I'd rather see Hynoski run the ball
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