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[quote user="DownWitJPP"]anytime man, don't take these players too seriously though, the Giants don't usually bring in the people they are going to draft[/quote]Thats not true at all.. THe giants do pick quite a few players they bring in for workouts..</P>

The giants worked out* Ramses Barden, Clint Sintim, Adrien Tracy, Travis Beckum, Jerrell jerrnigan, JPP, Duke Calhoun, Phil Dillard, Chad Jones...etc</P>


Of course, sometimes a guy drops to you, that u didn't think would, like Prince Amukumura, and alot of the workouts the giants host, are locals, or guys who might be more of a UDF type, or longshot, as your allowed as many local visits as u want... And, even if they don't work a guy out, sometimes u can tell there interest by how much time they spent with a guy at teh combine or there proday.. But, the giants certainly do bring in guys there seriously interested in...</P>[/quote]

Exactly.. it just baffles me how these myths about the giants doing smoke screens turn into facts.