[quote user="DownWitJPP"][quote user="XxBigWhitxX"][quote user="DownWitJPP"]add to the list Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick[/quote]Wow never would have thought this as a possible match.[/quote]

he prob won't last til 32, but if he does...can never have enough cover corners[/quote]

The thing I like about Kirkpatrick is how physical he is. On a team like the Giants he could be used in a number of ways because he's so versatile. I could see Fewell using him at corner or even that 3rd safety role... He's big and physical enough to cover some of the bigger, faster TE's. In a scheme like the Giants I think he could be all over the place.

Not getting my hopes up but If he somehow fell to the Giants I'd be ecstatic....Don't expect him to but another guy who's versatile like that is Trumaine Johnson who I can see the Giants targeting later.