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    The Reason We Love Blue

    Not sure if this video has been shared or not but even if it has it deserves to be posted again. If this doesn't give you chills then I don't know what will. Great video showing the history of our great franchise. "History of Big Blue".

    [link] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvshBWfesiY [/link]

    (Note: the first minute is tough to watch, after that it gets awesome. Sort of an ashes to glory type thing)
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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    Good stuff. A lot of the older footage I've never seen before.

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    The Jason Sehorn tipped INT brought back so many memories

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    That was so amazing. Thank you.

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    I absolutely love the head nod between Osi and Brady - two pros who know they are gonna punish each other all game long - and they nod too each other like men.

    Every clip of LT is hair raising - the man was like a shark on the field.

    Gary Reasons in Denver - what a hit on bobby humphreys.

    Jim Burt and Marshall destroying Joe Montana.

    Great job by the maker to include Tiki a legendary all purpose back in blue.

    The cruz catch and run against the Cowboys very similar to Toomers in the playoffs.

    Great footage - love it - thanks for posting.

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    Superb update of an old favorite (to include XLVI footage) and the video quality is better than before too.

    Still brings tears to my eyes.
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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    nice video

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    Very good stuff. Thanks.

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    Great video , as if I weren't already missing Giants football . lol

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    Re: The Reason We Love Blue

    great stuff

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