[quote user="dave56dj"]I guess the reverse logic would then tell us that dilfer is great as is sanchez (second most road playoff wins). Sorry but playoff victories don't tell the whole story.

Romo has been a gunslinging qb his whole career and can certainly light a team up and throw a big pick (brett favre was very similar although we all know how he has performed in the clutch).

I am not saying romo is amazing - but sucks? dont agree.

That said Im really happy we have Eli and after his rookie year Im not sure anyone can say they weren't a tad worried.
+1...Couldn't agree more

Your playoff record alone doesn't mean ####....Sanchez is garbage and he has a pretty decent playoff record

It's just some people who feel it's their obligation as a Giants fan to think every other rival is worthless. As much as I absoultley hate the Cowboys (if you didn't notice my sig), I still think Romo is an above average QB, although I think he's the anti-clutch.