[quote user="jhamburg"]How much of a "weapon" did everyone think Steve Smith was at this point in his career before he had Cam at QB?[/quote]

He made the pro bowl in 2009, just 2 years ago. Pretty sure people thought he was good.

Did they have Shockey? Or Greg Olsen? DeAngelo Williams missed almost all of last year

Are you trying to imply that Carolina doesnt have more weapons offensively? Because if you are, then you are just showing yourself bull-headed and the discussion stops here, there is no reason to discuss with a person who only admits what he wants and denies facts.

I am not saying Dalton is better, as I said above they are 2 very different players who are likely both in systems that fit their respective styles. If they switched teams I doubt either has as much success as they have now. I just think too many people are discounting what Dalton has done. The guy has done the hardest thing to do in the NFL as a rookie QB and that is play winning football. Furthermore, he did it in the toughest division in football.

Cam has been a monster and has shown he can play in this league. But, he hasnt shown he can WIN in this league. It will likely come soon enough. But for Dalton, it has arrived.