[quote user="BurnerNYG"][quote user="Rusty192"][quote user="BurnerNYG"]Eli Manning 6-6... nothing special. Ooops I forgot... he doesn't play defense.[/quote]its really sad that you have to dump on your own QB to defend a guy who isn't even on this team!

Go root for the Panthers already. It's sad Burner, it really is.
[/quote]I wasn't dumping on him, you just read into it wrong. I'll never be a Panther fan but I'm a Cam Newton fan. I learned a long time ago not to make football bigger than life so I can make or take a joke about my team without getting all butt hurt about it. Those guys are getting paid millions and I'm just a mere spectator. Don't take nothing I say negative about Eli seriously because I'll be cheering for him tomorrow.[/quote]
I love Tebow and all but Giants before Tebow.
I will root for the Giants in any game against tebow..
Giants 4 life.