[quote user="Kakaru"][quote user="BlueBlitzer"]The AFC scares no one. I mean who do they have ? The Patsies haven't won it since what ? 05 ? The last time the Steelers won it was against the 8-8 Cardinals ( And they needed a " Pick Six going Coast To Coast to win it. ) The Colts are back to being the Dolts. The Ravens offense, just can't get it done. The Chargers got old, and their not called the " Lords Of The Ringless " for nothing.The Jets crash and burn year after year. The NFC has the Giants, Packers, Saints, Niners, Lions, and even the Falcons who you cannot take lightly. NFC Dominates.[/quote]

The Cardinals were 9-7 that season, same as the 2011 Giants*

Lots of teams have been 9-7. But not only did Big Blue win the SB, they stopped perfection when no other team could.

Que Al Michaels

" The Giant Fans will dine on that baby for a long long time ". ( Oh wait, not that long, we just won it again )