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[quote user="allentown PA"]Based off of the decision to make the pick and just how bad the player turned out to be who do you feel was the worst pick? my vote goes to Cedric Jones..5th overall..total bust imo[/quote]

Do you want to feel even worse about that pick?* Look at who was picked at number 26 that year . . . .

[/quote]In the second round they chose Amani Toomer which almost made up for Cedric Jones, although it took Amani more than a few years to blossom. They followed that up with Roman Oben and Danny Kannell and a few others who didn't contribute at all. Over all this 1996 draft was a stinker. Jmike calls that draft the turning point for our front office. They realized how ill prepared they were and went about getting it right.................They've gotten it right.[/quote]

The story was that the Giants were sure that at least one of the guys drafted in the top 4 would be available for them and were not prepared when none of them were.* Hard to imagine that they hadn't planned for that possibility, but that's what allegedly happened . . . . .

The crime of that draft is how far Ray Lewis dropped. He or Marvin Harrison were the players to pick still on the boards, in hindsight.