TRADE: Trade back our 1st to CLE for their 2nd and 3rd. This gives the NYG 2 x 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths.

Defense has very few sports to fill with the signing of all those DBs and now with Rivers Rounding out our Young LB Corp.

I Think We Will See A Very Offensive Minded Draft – With a few Defensive Gems thrown in

2a. - Kelechi Osemele – OG – Iowa State – I think he is a very underrated OL in this draft. Keep DD at OT and have Osemele opposite Snee. He also has the ability to play Tackle if need be. Definite upgrade from any current guard outside of Snee. I like Mitch Petus but he isn’t the same caliber of player as Osemele. I’d convert MitchP to back up center and possible replacement.

2b. Chandler Jones – DE – Syracuse – I have grown up a ‘Cuse fan. And Grew up with all the Jones boys playing against them in High School. So I am a bit bias. But I know his work ethic and I’ve watched every one of his games. He has the athletic pedigree and skill set comparable to Justin Tuck (he even moves like him). He didn’t rack up outrageous Sack numbers but he also played on pretty bad Teams (unfortunate for ‘Cuse fans like me). For two years he had converted RB to LB playing behind him and no one else worth mentioning on the DL (since his brother left). I think he could come in as our 4th DE now and be a great replacement for Osi after next year, especially learning from our outrageous DEs. Also can play all down the Line. ADD TO OUR STENGTH

3a. – R. Turbin – RB – Utah State – Big power back who can be a solid replacement for Jacobs. Runs hard and low. Has decent ball skills out of the backfield. Can Pass Block!! Isn’t going to break any ankles but will run through defenders. The more I watch on this kid the more I like him. May be high than he’s rated but I think he’s gone by out 4th rounder’s.

3b. – L. Green – TE – Louisiana – Lafayette – Great Receiving Threat in the mould of Hernandez. Giving Eli two big targets in Bennett and Green will replace the production lost form MM and give JJ more time to develop. Runs a 4.5 40yrd dash. Isn’t a great blocker but gives great effort. Will be used in spread out a lot and is a match up nightmare. Cover some production that was lost from MM leaving. Id love to see him used at a 3rd/4th WR too, like Keller for the NYJ.

4.a – T. Streeter – WR – Miami (FL) – 6’5’’ 220lb WR running a 4.4 40yrd dash. Must I say more. This kid has so much up side its not even funny. What an athlete… forget Barden gimmi Streeter

4b. – N. Potter – OL – Boise State – Solid OL who can play all down the line. Will add solid depth and needed youth. Potential starting quality after a few years as back up. I am very high on him personally.

6. – Duke Ihenacho – SS – Good player. Started as a True Freshman at SS then switched to LB and became a All-Wac. Big Solid tackling machine. Also, has underrated ball skills. Had 5 interceptions as a LB one year. Could end up playing the hybrid S/LB position grant used to occupy.

7. – D. Page-Moss – DE – UNC – DPM may very well go un-drafted, but he shouldn’t. A Late injury has him so low but was a to ten potential prior to it. After a year of getting back in football shape and rotating in (i.e. M. Austin) could be a sleeper star.