[quote user="Shockeystays08"]We will see what happens I guess. I see other options for us at 32. I also like Worthy. DT seems deeper than safety in the draft, that's why I see Reese considering what would be a short reach at 32. Harrison will be gone by 64 but some decent DT DE should be there. Ok I'm done on this subject. One more thing, I like Turbin Round 3 but wouldn't die if we took Martin at 32. RB should be a concern![/quote]The draft can bring surprises one way or the other each and every year, some guys go earlier than expected and other drop further than expected. So no matter what posters say on here, they are not in any of the GMs head and do not know what they are thinking or what that GMs big board looks like.

You mention Worthy, I like him at 32 if he is sitting there, as you can see in my "amateur" mock. But I could also see a team like Denver going after Worthy before we pick. But I would not be upset if the Giants took Still at DT either. I personally like Fletcher Cox, but he too could be gone by 32.

I would not mind Turbin in the 3rd rd when we select. And I also like Martin, maybe at 32, if Reese feels he is the BPA at that point.