[quote user="B&RWarrior"]The guys been in the league for about 8 years now. It's not hard to put together a 5 minute highight reel for almost any 8 year vet, let alone a pro bowler. It doesn't mean he's a good run defender. [/quote]

Theres a ton more video of him playing great against the run. He is absolutely a solid run defender.

Over his career Osi has consistently been a liabilty versus the run.
absolutely false.

His favorite edge rushing move usually takes him out of any running play. The last couple of years he has sacraficed some of the edge he can get with his outside move to defend running lanes.
False again. Upfield rush is not a liability against the run. His "gap" is the outside of the tackle. Hes not supposed to two gap on the tackle and take both inside and outside.

Osi has been benched because of his lack of run defense support. It's not from an inability to play the run in my opinion it is because he values sacks more than solid run defense. As he put it sacks and his edge rush move is where he "butters his bread".
He was benched because a horrible D-coordinator decided he wanted the DEs two-gapping and playing head up on a tackle. That and then the stupid 50 front. Just an awful defensive system for the players the giants have.

I don't think that I and other Giants fans that don't think Osi is a good run defender are wrong. I think the problem is I watched Strahan- arguably the best run defending DE in the history of the NFL- all those years defend the run and I hold Osi to that standard, which is unfair. Still at best he's average versus the run.
Average against the run doesnt mean hes a liability against it. There are plenty of DEs far worse against the run than Osi.