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    Ryan Broyles ...


    I just find it incredible how this kid just performed in front of all those teams scouts coming off an ACL injury last year . For God sake he tore his ACL Nov. 5 and had surgery 2 weeks after and he is running 4.5 40's !!! That's freaking incredible to say the least.

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    Re: Ryan Broyles ...

    Yeah that is a nice sign, but he isn't 100%. I think this is where forty's have to be seen a little differently.

    Greg Childs had a nice proday after an injury 2 years ago. That's an encouraging sign since he didn't look virtually close to 100% last year.

    Broyles had his injury in November, so he can play next year, but he won't be at football strength until probably December. Now everyone heals differently, I'm just going off my own ubdocumented observations with ACL injuries.

    So Broyles should go somewhere in the late second at the highest and early fourth at the latest.
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