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    Now the draft may change?

    I can see the Giants possibly drafting DL in round 1:

    round 1:
    DT Devon Still
    DT Brandon Thompson
    DT Alameda Ta'amu
    DE Nick Perry
    DE Vincent Curry
    DE Shea McClellin

    round 2 WR
    round 3 RB Robert Turbin or Bernard Pierce
    round 4 TE Ladarius Green
    round 4 OT
    round 6 S
    round 7 CB Coryell Judie

    WR, RB, Safety, T BPA in rounds 2-6

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    DT possibly but not DE.

    The DE's in this draft class are awful, certainly not 1st grade material
    ALL IN!!!!!!!!

    I'm ALL IN are you?

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    I agree with the DL in 1st and WR is 2nd. I would olnly swap a TE in 3rd (Egnew) and RB (Vic Ballard) in 4th

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    I believe 1st round is DT but I disagree with you as DE Nick Perry and DE Shea McClellin are both very good DE worthy of 1st round pick..

    I dont think Andre Branch, Chandler Jones are 1st rounders

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    Possible Round 2 TE
    Round 4 WR T.Y. Hilton, WR/KR, Florida Intl

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    Why did it change?

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