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    Now the draft may change?

    I can see the Giants possibly drafting DL in round 1:

    round 1:
    DT Devon Still
    DT Brandon Thompson
    DT Alameda Ta'amu
    DE Nick Perry
    DE Vincent Curry
    DE Shea McClellin

    round 2 WR
    round 3 RB Robert Turbin or Bernard Pierce
    round 4 TE Ladarius Green
    round 4 OT
    round 6 S
    round 7 CB Coryell Judie

    WR, RB, Safety, T BPA in rounds 2-6

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    DT possibly but not DE.

    The DE's in this draft class are awful, certainly not 1st grade material
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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    I believe 1st round is DT but I disagree with you as DE Nick Perry and DE Shea McClellin are both very good DE worthy of 1st round pick..

    I dont think Andre Branch, Chandler Jones are 1st rounders

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    Possible Round 2 TE
    Round 4 WR T.Y. Hilton, WR/KR, Florida Intl

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    Why did it change?

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    Re: Now the draft may change?

    I agree with the DL in 1st and WR is 2nd. I would olnly swap a TE in 3rd (Egnew) and RB (Vic Ballard) in 4th

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