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    Charlie Casserly 2 round mock draft

    I saw it on NFL netwrok last night and is on nfl.com now.

    He has the Giants taking Hightower at 32 and Mitchell Schwartz at 64. He mentions that with the trade for Rivers and the drafting of Hightower, that our LB situation is now a stronger position.

    I don't disagree with the pick at 64 as much as Hightower at 32. I think, as many other posters mentioned, that Hightower is more of a 3-4 inside backer than a 4-3 mike.


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    Re: Charlie Casserly 2 round mock draft

    I really like Hightower... just not for the Giants. He's phenomenal in the run game, good at getting guys in position, and good getting after the passer... Unfortunately, going downhill is about all he can do.

    Hightower is downright painful to watch dropping into coverage (the only time he's even passable is dropping into a shallow zone and the ball is dumped off over the middle... Basically when he gets to go downhill again). His drops are slow, and when he has to go sideline-to-sideline its like he's running in a pool.

    Moot point anyway, because he's very unlikely to fall past the Steelers or Ravens.

    I'm not sure that RT is a "dire need". I will agree that tackle depth in general is a concern. However, other than Bobby Massie I don't see any tackles that could be available in the 2nd round that would be an upgrade over Brewer. If Massie isn't available, JR WILL NOT reach to fill a "depth concern" in the 2nd round. He'll sit tight and pick up a great value guy in the 3rd - 5th that can be coached up. (I kinda like Marcel Jones for this)

    I would be severely disappointed in that draft.

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    Re: Charlie Casserly 2 round mock draft

    Hightower's sideline to sideline is pretty impressive IMO. His coverage still has some questions, but I've seen him track down speedy RBs trying to get to the outside.

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