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    Re: Bruce Irvin, Sack specialist

    [quote user="buddy33"]The guy is extremely athletic. Where is he projected to go as of now?[/quote] He's projected by most to go in the 2-3 round range, which in my opinion is great value for a guy who is comparable (Athletically and production wise) to last years defensive rookie of the year and 2nd overall pick.

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    Re: Bruce Irvin, Sack specialist

    I like Bruce Irvin, but I cant compare him physically to Miller.

    Miller knows how to translate his speed into power. Irvin really doesnt. Irvin tries to just run around blockers, and avoids engaging, if he does get engaged, he is taken out of the play completely.

    I think Irvin could be a really good player as the up LB in a 50 front or SAM in a 4-3 under.

    But as a traditional SAM in a 4-3, or as a DE, I just dont see him being all that effective.

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