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    Super Random Question

    Okay guys so this is pretty unprecedented and I am in no way implying this could/should/would ever happen. I am currently writing a small thesis on the economics of the NFL on the micro scale just for fun and because college professors like myself are required to write a lot. I have researched this subject and can't seem to find an answer. If a team or a group of teams is dissatisfied with the league, are they able to leave the NFL and/or collaborate to start a new one using the same team name and team history? Pointing to any literature would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Super Random Question

    Not really dissatisfied with the league but definitely economics-related somewhat, wikipedia the Cleveland Browns...1996-1999

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    Re: Super Random Question

    Any info on leaving one league and joining another. Almost called a lawyer about it today.

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    Re: Super Random Question

    This is a very interesting question. I'd love to know the answer.

    I can picture a cival war type situation. If only al Davis were still here...

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    Re: Super Random Question

    This is interesting. The colts have a statue of Johnny Unitas outside their stadium. So they at least still recognize their history. But they are still apart of the nfl.

    Now I don't know the answers by an means. But you look at teams like the browns in the late nineties, and they returned to the same city, logo, etc. when Houston was back in the running for a franchise (texans), were they considering being the oilers at any point, or do the titans own that?

    I know that in the nba, the city of Seattle still owns the rights to the super sonics. Jerseys, colors, name. That makes me think that rights are reserved to the owner, and he can move them to any league he chooses.

    But I have no ****in clue. Just bored.

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    Re: Super Random Question

    Heres the NFLs constitution and Bylaws.

    Should have everything you need in there-


    See 3.6 - Voluntary Withdrawal.

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    Re: Super Random Question

    Hmm...says that the team must surrender all player contracts so they may be reassigned to the replacement team. But does that even matter? If the players decide they want to move with the team aren't those contracts irrelevant? Like a player retiring from the NFL but playing for the MLB?

    Kind of a silly thing for me to wonder I guess, but just throwing it out there

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