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Thread: 2 Questions re: RB

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    Re: 2 Questions re: RB

    2000 Ron Dayne RB Wisconsin
    2001 Will Allen CB Syracuse
    2002 Jeremy Shockey TE Miami
    2003 William Joseph DT Miami
    2004 Phillip Rivers
    (traded to San Diego on draft day for ELI MANNING, QB, Mississippi, in a deal that also involved draft picks.) QB NC State
    2005 Corey Webster (2nd Round) CB LSU
    2006 Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
    2007 Aaron Ross CB Texas
    2008 Kenny Phillips S Miami
    2009 Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
    2010 Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
    2011 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

    Yep, Dayne was the last one selected.. before that it was Wheatley in '95 and Bunch in '91.

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    Re: 2 Questions re: RB

    Doug Martin if we go early... Vick Ballard if we wait until later.

    Sounds like the Browns may be passing on Richardson for Tannehill or Blackmon... could be a smokescreen, but if they do pass on Trent it will be interesting to see where he drops to.

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