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Thread: Just Imagine

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    Just Imagine

    Rivers-Hightower-Boley with a sprinkle of Williams on 3rd down. That's just scary. Sorry I've been looking at alot of mocks and the more I see Hightower (which I'm seeing a lot now) the giddier I get [:P]

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    Re: Just Imagine

    To be perfectly honest, I don't think he'll get passed the Steelers.

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    Re: Just Imagine

    [quote user="WR4Life"]To be perfectly honest, I don't think he'll get passed the Steelers.[/quote]It all depends on who falls to the steelers. their O-line was atrocious, and Casey Hampton can't stay healthy so Poe, Glenn, Adams are in play there too.

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    Re: Just Imagine

    Oh and also Jerel Worthy (who is a Casey Hampton Clone)

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    Re: Just Imagine

    imho. the giants probably feel they can solve the LB production in house with a full OTA. the type of defense we run we don't need an allstar LB core we just need guys to not let gains of 5-9 every down stuff the gaps and make hits at or behind the line. </P>

    i think we can do that with just Williams / Boley / Kiwi. no need to go out and get a LB with the first pick UNLESS.... its Keuchley. honestly i feel we have no true answer at TE and i've been preaching to the chior on this for the whole offseason, i feel it needs to be reiterated for the next 10 days </P>
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    Re: Just Imagine

    Lavonte david, bobby wagner > hightower

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    Re: Just Imagine

    am i the only one who thinks Hightower wouldn't fit on this dense? hes more a 3-4 ILB. His pass coverage and change of direction are atrocious.

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