So, I registered an account over at the Bengals boards with the handle, DrezNYG, to read and talk about the Rivers trade. I made a few posts, mostly about the trade and a couple others that were on topic. Then some guy starts fussing about a Giants fan posting in the main part of the forums. I guess they have a rule that only Bengals fans can post in the main forum. Being an ambassador of sorts for Giants fans I was on good behavior, probably better than I even would be on here, lol.

I had a little dialogue with a couple posters there, mostly questioning that if what I was posting would be acceptable if I were a Bengals fan (or if nothing else I didn't outright state in my handle that I was a Giants fan), then why is there an issue if I'm not? Most agreed it was pretty silly, but the rule was in place to cut down on trolls. I said we have an open policy here, so long as a poster is reasonably respectful they can post where ever they please.

I then posted about Rivers new contract with us and had a discussion with some people about restructuring and renegotiating contracts (a few of the posters were pissed that the Bengals can never seem to renegotiate contracts, lol). A little while later I went back to carry on the talk, and had a PM from one of the mods in my inbox.

Not only did he reprimand me for posting in the main part of the forums, he deleted all my posts, lol. Really? That's pretty lame if you ask me. I mean, as stupid as it is to have a "Bengals fans only" rule, I can kind of understand it, but to actually go through and delete all my posts? That's just ****ing weak.

Sorry for wasting all of your time with this drivel. I'm just bored and felt like *****ing, lol.