[quote user="jomo"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="Drez"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"]The better question is why do you care if you aren't allowed to stick around the Bagels boards? They are so irrelevant that it's funny.[/quote]
I just find it an absolutely ridiculous rule. It's also absurd that they are so hard core about that rule that the deleted my posts. It's just ******ed.
[/quote] Yeah, I guess it is pretty infuriating.[/quote]YES it is, but those who own the ball make the rules. Conserve energy for something that realy matters and something you can change.[/quote]

No doubt. But, I've never been one to follow a rule just for the rule's sake.

I was a little annoyed at first, and like I said in my OP, when I made this thread I was just bored and felt like *****ing. Now, I find it more amusing than anything.