( i wanted to get a unbiased depiction of who will be there at 32 for us in the first round, i tried to create my own 32 team mock on Nfl.com and i found that i was either picking like casserly or trying to find ways to get the players i wanted to drop to where we picked. so i came up with this idea while i was at the gym.)

Board mock rules.

    [*]in drafting order select who you think would be the pick for the team that your selecting for. [*]you cannot pick a player twice once a player is selected he is off the board "duh"[*]the first poster to put the pick up for that team will be the pick that's selected. [*]if you are the first poster to make that pick you cannot submit another pick until two picks of different posters have passed. this is to allow everyone a chance to participate.[*]try not to be bias yourselves, while it might be hard pick who you honestly think would be the best pick at that selection for that team whether it be need or BPA[*]Once we get to pick 32 every poster will get a chance to post a pick for our team and we will tally who the final pick would be.[*]think carefully about the pick if were all thinking the same were not thinking.[/list]


so without further ado

the first pick of the 2012 draft the Indianapolis Colts select ROBERT GRIFFIN 3.......

syke lol i knew some of you was already typing to roast my *** lol

#1. Colts - Andrew Luck QB Stanford