According to the updated mock on drafttek, they have Jonathan Martin falling to the Giants at 32.

In Rd 2 they have us taking Fleener

Rd 3 Brandon Boykin

Rd 4. Nigel Bradham

Rd 4. Devier Posey

Rd 6. Jerry Franklin

Rd 7. Jaymes Brooks G Va Tech

Now in my opinion, I would be ok if Fleener dropped to us in the 2nd. And though he is a bit short, Boykin in the 3rd would be ok. Posey in the 4th would be fine as well.

But all in all, not a huge fan of this mock. No DT, DE or RB at all? 2 LBs? An OT and G?

I don't know what I think about Martin. I mean he would be of value that late in the 1st rd. In that mock, would that mean he would be our RT if we kept Beatty at LT?