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    Re: Drafttek Mock has Giants taking Jonathan Martin at 32

    [quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="Raptor22"]I'm not fond of the Jonathan Martin pick. He's kinda Will Beatty 2.0. [/quote]

    Beatty is a much more physical player than Martin.[/quote]

    Key word being "is"

    I see a lot of similarities between them coming out (but Beatty has a higher ceiling, IMO)

    Martin would probably be a good LT for a team like the Pats or Pack who like to air it out, and couldn't care less about running it.

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    Re: Drafttek Mock has Giants taking Jonathan Martin at 32

    [quote user="giantman8493"][quote user="tonyt830"]Yeah redeye, I have heard some people say Martin is on the soft side. Personally I would rather have DeCastro from Stanford, but I doubt he drops to 32. As for Massie, I'm all for him to in the 2nd rd.

    As for Fleener, I do not think he drops to 64 either. I think the Colts may grab him at 33 to pair up with Luck?

    If they go with RB early, are you thinking Doug Martin at 32?

    I would still like to see a DT and/or a DE taken somewhere in this upcoming draft.[/quote]DeCastro is a top 15 pick. No chance he falls to us. He is really really good[/quote]I agree that he most likely won't drop to 32. I guess what I meant to say in my previous post is that out of the Stanford O-linemen, I would rather have DeCastro.

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