[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="Spizi"]Rd1- Chandler Jones DE, Syracuse
Tuck is 29 and has been somewhat injury-prone. Osi is gone after this year, and we don't have any young depth behind JPP. Jones would be the perfect replacement for Tuck down the road.

Rd2- Lamar Miller RB, Miami
Miller has been falling down the boards recently for a couple of reasons but he would be a steal here. He compares similarly to LeSean McCoy with his agility and top end speed.

Rd3- Michael Egnew TE, Missouri
Would be the perfect project TE to develop behind Bennett this year. He has prototypical height and size with GREAT athleticism. He is a polished receiver as well with 140 catches in the past 2 seasons.

Rd4- Tommy Streeter WR, Miami
With Cruz and Nicks drawing double teams, a guy like Streeter could light it up with his 6'4" frame and 4.40 speed.

Rd4Comp- Coryell Judie CB, Texas A&M
Atheltic with 6' height sounds like a prototypical Giants corner.

Rd6- Michael Brewster C, Ohio State
Draft stock has been falling but he was a much higher projected pick earlier in the year so he would be a steal here.

Rd7- Kellen Moore QB, Boise State
Take a page from the eagles playbook... Develop him behind Eli for a few years then trade him for a high draft pick.[/quote]Egnew is not as polished as his numbers would suggest . Im not exaggerating this,half of his catches are bubble screens. His YPC is half what Coby Fleeners is[/quote]

That is true but at least he does have experience with a lot of balls coming his way. but I mean what can you expect from a third round pick though? I just like that he has potential.