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1. There are a limited number of talented prospects that you can choose.[/quote]
2. You can't choose whom ever you want past the first pick
What do you mean? of course you can.
3. You can't pass up talent because it doesn't fit your system. There are exceptions, if you are running a 4-3 you might want to pass by the top nose tackle or maybe pass up a QB because you don't need it.
You absolutely can pass up talent if it doesnt fit your system. Because there are plenty of players who DO fit your system. If you are ever in a situation where there are good players, none of which fit your system, you trade that pick.
4. Good coaches always find a way to get talent on the field. You either coach the talent to fit your system or add nuances to the system to fit the talent. In the NFL the System should not be set in stone because the game will evolve to beat you.
Good coaches can evaluate players and tell if they fit in with what they want to do before the players are brought in. Thats why coaches are involved in the draft process.

Scouts go out and evaluate players based on player talent alone, then coaches come in and evaluate how players fit with what they want to run.[/quote]Doesn't the fact that the Giants brought Hightower show they think he can fit there system?