[quote user="Ntegrase96"]Every year I have to remind Cowboys fans that Jerry didn't run Jimmy out of town-- and I'm sure I've said it here before as well.

Jimmy left.


I'll have to take your word on that one man. According to my friend (who to be fair hates Jerry) Jimmy and Jerry's problems were personal. I have no idea, honestly I wasn't paying that close attention when everything went down so I'll tip my hat to the guy with the superior knowledge of the situation.

And to add to that, Jimmy was a good coach here in Dallas because he and Jones teamed up together to put together one of the best football teams ever.

If it were all Jimmy's doing, he would have done well with the Dolphins as well.
My friend would argue that Jimmy basically carried around "the rich guy" and nudged him in the right direction behind the scene. IDK if it's true. He may have an account on one of the Cowboy forums. I'll ask him you may have talked to him already about it since it seems to me that this subject gets brought up a lot.

Like I said I didn't honestly pay that much attention to everything when it was going down a decade and a half plus ago, so I'll tip my hat to your knowledge. But if nothing else I can say with a degree of certainity that the percption is that without Jimmy, and the team that he (at least helped) build Jerry and his little world aren't anywhere near as good.

Or to put it another way Jimmy was a could filter for Jerry.