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    Re: So who would be your top 3 picks in the 1st round for the giants and why!?

    Here would be my best possible 6 wish list to choose from:

    1) Devon Still- DT - would be great addition for rotation not sure if we need to use 1st pick on DT though- this is deep draft for DT.
    2) Doug Martin-RB- would be awesome due with Bradshaw as the powerback plus is very good receiver and good pass blocker- some have compared him to Ray Rice (probably due to his size)
    3)Coby Fleener-TE- tremendous potential and could exploit most LB and S who try to cover him. Imagine Eli having him to throw to over the middle and down sidelines. If you like Ballard you will drool over this guy. Again- with Martellus Bennett here not sure this makes the most sense.
    4) Stephen Hill-WR amazing size and speed- would make us forget Mario real quick. He also is a good character guy in locker room.
    5) Mike Adams- OT- his stock is rising and we could have great bookends to protect Eli for many years. Other OT that is jumping up draft boards is Bobbie Massey who also may be nabbed end of first or beginning of 2nd round.
    6) Dont'a Hightower- ILB - just to round out most of our needs- throw this guy in the mix- powerful instinctive player- always seems to be around the ball and making plays. Again- not our highest need.

    Imagine having to pick between these guys- that's why they give JR the big bucks. Could not go wrong with any of them IMO- leaning toward Doug Martin though!

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    Re: So who would be your top 3 picks in the 1st round for the giants and why!?

    Too hard to answer really. People like to think they know how the draft will progress. But we never do.

    This same question would have been easier to answer last year since only 18 possible players could have been selected ahead of us. Yet, I do not remember anyone here having Prince as a realistic possibility.

    This year at pick 32 it will be that much harder to guess who might be available.

    To be honest, this year I have a lot more guys I am excited about getting in the 1st round than I would be upset at getting. I still think the NFL is trying to figure the best way to draft now with offenses soaring. Last year a few teams reached for QBs and I could see it happening again. If it does, it well help us again as other players wil ldrop. Having a QB is a wonder full thing. I can't wait for draft day.

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    Re: So who would be your top 3 picks in the 1st round for the giants and why!?

    Gilmore, Barron, or Kuechly/Hightower. I'd also be ok with Chandler Jones or Fleener. Gilmore- awesome pick if he falls to us. Can't have too many CB's. Same with Barron- great value at 32. Hightower/Kuechly just cuz I want a big time LB, and both are good in coverage from what the analysts say. Jones cuz I think he's got the highest ceiling of all DE's in this draft. And Fleener cuz I think he's gonna be a stud and I see Bennett as a one year project.

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    Re: So who would be your top 3 picks in the 1st round for the giants and why!?

    I really don't want a D-Tackle. I think we're deep enough with Joseph, Canty, Austin (I think he's gonna impress some people this year), and factor in how we like to rush 3 DE's at any given time. I say give Austin a shot.

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    Re: So who would be your top 3 picks in the 1st round for the giants and why!?

    1. Don't'a Hightower- I just love everything this guy brings. Power, intimidation, Instincts, leadership, he embodies what it means to be a MLB.

    2. Jerel Worthy- This guy might have the best get off in the whole draft! The last time I ever saw one guy just destroy an offenses game plan like him was Suh and Worth has 3rd down ability as a pass rusher.

    3. Alshon Jeffery- I just know in my heart that Jeffery will be a great receiver. I expect him to start day one where ever he goes and have a year like AJ Green did.

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