LT - Beatty
LG - Boothe/Petrus
C - Baas/Boothe
RG - Snee
RT - Brewer/Diehl/Locklear

I see it looking like this, with Boothe and Brewer winning the offseason competition at those spots. Also, for those of you who think Beatty isn't an absolute lock at LT barring injury, that idea is laughable. I think our biggest worries are obviously LG and RT, but I don't think it's worthwhile to spend a first rounder on a lineman, because we already have competition at our biggest holes on the line, and we are good at picking up guys in later rounds and then developing them.

Personally I'd like to go RB in the first, although I'm ok with us drafting most positions there, I think a pickup of RB or WR would be able to make the biggest immediate impact, as our RB depth is laughable right now, and the third WR spot is of course up for grabs, and a very important position to fill with Nicks and Cruz drawing all the coverage so as to open things up for our TEs and third WR.

I know that this draft has a lot of depth at RB, and I know that the top guys after Richardson, (Martin, Wilson, Miller) are all seen mostly as mid to late 2nd rounders. However I think that is largely due to the undervaluing of the position and the fact that it's easy to find guys in later rounds, plus that they tend to have shorter careers. Despite all of this, I really would be thrilled if we picked up Martin or Wilson with our first pick at 32, (we rarely seem to move, but I would love to trade back and then pick up wilson if we could) because either of them could be a stud for us at what I see know as the biggest weakness on our team along with o-line, where at least in the case of the o-line we have depth, whereas at RB we have Ware and a 7th rounder in Scott (not that I won't be thrilled if he turns out to be something)

Massive walls of text over. Thoughts?