1. Stephen Hill - adds a dimension as a 3rd WR that gives us an even more potent offense. Can really stretch the field, good measurables and is a great blocker. There is no way we pass on him if he is there. Too much upside in what has become a passing offense (and league)

2. Nick Perry - We need to build up the trenches again and Reese loves pash rushers who come from good schools and have played against top competition. Good measurable and good kid.

3. Chandler Jones - Reese has seemed to fall in love recently with prospects out of the big east, so I could see that trend continuing here. Jones may not make an instant impact, but give him a year in our system and he may turn out to be a better prospect than Perry. Long, Athletic and a killer first step with tons of upside. Exactly the type of player we look for.