[quote user="Redeyejedi"]Stephen Hill scares me because the extent of his playing WR is run in a straight line and catch the ball and his hands arent great. He doesnt play as fast as his clocked time either[/quote]

Yea, agree with this

i think he has great upside as a deep threat. maybe like a poor man's randy moss. guy who can run in a straight line with long strides and go up and get the ball.

but thats the only thing he does well. hes going to have to learn how to not run routes so much in a straight line (or hes going to find himself out of bounds or tight to the sidelines a lot) and get in and out of his cuts. Based on his 20 ss, he ran a poorous 4.48 which is terrible for the WR position. Some defensive ends ran faster than that

Mayock praised his route running at his pro day so maybe im wrong here