I Agree with the OP and what Gmen0280 are saying and its a real quick solution to this.
i love doug martin but the way our line currently stands he might not be that effective year one, he doesn't create his own lanes. a guy like isiah pead who has great vision and can create his own gaps has the speed to shoot the gaps before they close in can be had in the 2nd possibly into the 3rd. and Fleener can immediately upgrade the run blocking on the outside for bradshaw who loves to bounce it out. its all aobut keeping the defense honest and there's no way with eli fleener cruz nicks that the defense doesn't honor that and not stack the box, an unstacked box creates a field day for a runner like bradshaw/pead who are fast scat backs then switch it up with scott in the 4th to power/speed the defense ( he has a close similar build of jones drew ) so he can hide behind the tackles and puch an unexpected LB with a low center of gravity/ lower pad level. we can recreate earth wind fire with pead i think. if we get martin it would be more like earth / earth / fire lol.

i really feel that we have to jump on TE early cause all these guys we feel might fall to the 4th are imho not going to be there. its a passing/copy cat league and i feel WR's are going to go off the board faster than tickle me elmos on christmas. then after the good WR's are gone who's next? thats right TE's not everyteam values a blocking TE over a Receiving TE, dallas, eagles, texans, bengals, vikings, rams, bears are just to name a few who might look at TE in the second or possible first, everyone wants to find that next graham/ gronk / finley or incorporate the two TE systems to take advantage of the rules that protects players over the middle/ defensless.

this is why i feel RB is going to drop severly, casue teams are going to draft to either enhance the passing game/ protect the passing game / prevent the passing game / attack the passing game's passer.

but thats just me