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Thread: Mock Drafts

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    I care how they play in pads, on Sunday; not about a bunch of scores they get on combine workouts. Athletes "see their stock rise" at the combines, while a lot of good football players "have a bad combine". I want to see a guy drafted early who's played against some of the best in the NCAA and shined against them, on the field. I think there's some good DT who fit that bill that should still be there. If a really good player drops to us, like Fleener, then I think you have to take him. I'm sure Jerry Reese will keep an eye out for unexpected guys dropping down; that's how we got Prince; but if they're not there, they know who they want already. My bet is DT Still.

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    [quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="Spizi"]
    I didn't say an athlete who knows how to play football. I said a decent football player who is an athlete. There are many WRs who are great athletes that can be had in rounds 3-4.[/quote]

    I really dont understand what you are trying to say.

    What exactly is a decent football player who is an athlete? Are we talking about a guy like Streeter?

    You think he can step right in and pick up a complicated option offense and make a big contribution his rookie year?

    Because I strongly disagree with that, I dont think anyone coming from a non-pro style offense will contribute much at all their rookie year.[/quote]I dont like taking receivers that are bad route runners like Streeter

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    Re: Mock Drafts

    [quote user="Spizi"]well my orginal argument was to not wast a pick on a TE or WR in the first 2 rounds. All I'm saying is that if we get a really good athlete at TE in the middle rounds he could be much better than Ballard on pure athleticism alone. If we had to go WR or TE in round 1 I would go WR.[/quote]

    but why not? cause we don't value or use tight ends?

    under eli manning jeremy shockey had 3 600+ yrd seasons and a 800+ yrd season with 23 TD's total
    Kevin boss had 2 500+ yrd season a 400 yrd season and 100 yards his rookie year when we won the superbowl with 18 TD's

    all i'm saying is getting a guy like fleener can be the second coming of a jeremy shockey in this offense minus him *****ing out eli for the ball, and take the Eli we have now who is way more mature and seasoned than the eli in 2004-2006; this offense can become a prolific high scoring offense.

    a really good athlete is a travis beckum, is a martellus bennet those guys are athletes. you want a balance of athleticism and technique with a brain, to come in and understand the offenses and read defenses, beckum had a hard time understanding the offense if i'm not mistaken, and bennett in two tight-end ran system couldn't find the holes in the defense or adjust. sure he played behind an all-pro and maybe tony romo is that simple of a QB to not want to looking for anything outside of jason witten but i'm pretty sure jason witten got Double covered most of the time, chipped off the line, bumped within the five, and he still couldn't take advantage of not being the promary in the defenses eyes...with all that athleticisim?
    the verdict is still out on him and i'm am putting extreme trust in reese on that one.
    if we go WR in the first round then i hope its ruben randle he can plaay all three positions in my eyes, but if Fleener is there that's no brainer bro.
    he threatens the seams and the middle,
    he takes the safety away from either nicks or cruz,
    coach pope teaches him better blocking techniques we can run from either side with him and bennett blocking. 2 TE sets
    the play action becomes more dimensional
    the running game gets better on the outside. defenses be come more honest, little stacking the box ****.

    i think the reason why people don't like fleener in the first is cause he's not a eye popping standout like gronokowsi, graham, finely, davis. i think slip said it that picking at 32 is like picking in the second round? if you feel that fleener is not a first round guy just remember its like an early 2nd round pick.

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