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Just refresh my memory on this one. It's been over 4 years now since I've played football. If you are playing a two gap system, doesn't it make it difficult to do so playing both ends in a 4 tech? That puts a lot of pressure on the ends to cover two gaps from that position or is that strictly referring to the nose tackle's responsibility?[/quote]

Well from what Ive seen from the Chiefs the DEs align at either 3, 4, or 5, even occasionally at 6. They are asked either to engage both guard + tackle, or two gap over the tackle.

They might be aligning more on the inside shoulder because of a lack of talent at NT. Having the DEs engaging or at least threatening the guards may help keep the guards off the NT, making the NTs 2 gapping job easier to accomplish. If they had a wilfork type at NT, maybe they align the DEs more often at 5 tech?

From what Ive seen of the chargers, they align their DEs as 3 techs an awful lot, they try to get penetration from their DEs quite a lot.[/quote]

That's why I was curious. From a 4 it would be very difficult to play 2 gaps. If its the case that it's compensating for the NT then it would almost be as if the NT has a two gap responsibility while the ends do not. It'd almost be impossible to cover the C gap from the 4 spot.