[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="XxBigWhitxX"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="XxBigWhitxX"]Like what someone had already said Kuechly is a hard fit for most teams. I mean he has very little value as a 3-4 guy and teams that could take him have more pressing needs I just really don't see a fit.[/quote]* hes gone in the TEENS, guranteed..* There is no If's, and's or but's about that..* This guys got Rare instincts, and plenty enough size, at almost 240lbs, and is as sure a tackler as you'll see..* The eagles simply will not pass on Kuechly if hes on the board.. They just won't.. Hes not a dime a dozen 1st rd MLB .. This guys a diffrence maker..[/quote]They got a MLB in Ryans, their moving Chaney to SAM and the like Brian Rolle at WILL, now not saying that they won't do it but they have bigger needs for a DT and Safety as well and they could grab the Best DT in Cox, or best safety in Barron before Kuechly.[/quote] I keep forgetting they got ryans, to be honest, but i don't even know that Kuechly will make it outta the TOP 10 anyhow.. Carolina may take em at 9.. The bottom line is the guys not gonna last past the teens..[/quote]

You're probably right...but we all heard that about Prince last year. He was a top 10 lock.