Thought I'd take a stab at this. Feel free to flame away

Round 1 32 - Doug Martin RB
- I know JR's motto is 'BPA', but even if he isn't the best player on his board at 32, this guy can come in and make an impact right away at a position of dire need. I just don't see the giants relying on an unhealthy Bradshaw and Ware/Scott to carry the load in 2012. With Eli Manning in his prime, I don't see JR passing up the opportunity to fill a big hole on the offense.

Round 2 63- Mike Adams OT
-Not sure he'll actually drop this far, but if he does he would be excellent value at number 63, regardless of his MJ history.

Round 3 94 - Markelle Martin S
- Again not sure he'll drop this far, but before his injury he showed great promise. BPA.

Round 4 127 - Omar Bolden CB
- Another BPA, I like what I've seen from this kid. Even though we have a lot of DBs on the roster, I don't think JR would pass him up at this spot.

Round 4 131 - Jonathan Massaquoi OLB/DE
- Can't have too many pass rushers right?

Round 6 201 - Desmond Wynn G
- BPA for much needed depth.

Round 7 239 - Akiem Hicks DT
- Maybe it's just because his name rhymes with Hakeem Nicks, but I think this guy actually has decent upside for a Mr. Irrelevant.