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Thread: LAST MOCK.....c'mon Thursday!!!!

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    Re: LAST MOCK.....c'mon Thursday!!!!

    [quote user="GGTM_1977"]Here is the thing with my pick 2. We got Prince last year, I figured if we could pick up a good early round CB to pair up with him eventually, we could maybe lock down the secondary for a while. We really need to find quality secondary guys to compliment our crazy pass rush......[/quote]The great part about Trumaine is that he is versatile, and can play S as well as CB.. I could see him kinda fill that D.Grant role..

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    Re: LAST MOCK.....c'mon Thursday!!!!

    [quote user="GMENAGAIN"][quote user="GGTM_1977"][quote user="GMENAGAIN"]

    No offense, but any mock draft that has the Giants drafting Burfict makes me throw up in my mouth . . . .

    [/quote] Dude at a 7th round pick, what do we have to lose? MOST 7th round picks are crap anyhow, with the few rare exceptions......[/quote]

    Why not just draft me in the 7th round then? I mean if you are going to just draft bad, unathletic and slowfootball players, with questionable work ethic and character . . . . .


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