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[quote user="Coach Carter"]So you are willing to trade the best pass-rushing end on the Giants and draft another defensive end? that would make us the Bills not the Giants - look at what they have been doing the past few years with running backs. Osi is a stud, give the man a bump in contract and see what he can do fully healthy. The guy has been playing on one leg, knee and hip for the past couple of years and have been very productive. You just don't find guys like that in the draft. I want a guard, tackle or center/guard with our first or second round pick. We need help on the inside. And I want a bruising running back.[/quote]

In a heartbeat.

Osi is a part time player for us. He's the third best DE on the team. It isn't a trade of Osi for a rookie. (by the way I said that I want a RB). Its an opportunity to free up almost $5MM in cap space. Money that could be used to sign Victor Cruz and also help with room to sign the draftees and other FA's.

And we don't have the cap room to resign Osi. I don't think (despite what the team line may be) its even a possibility. I think its either trade Osi now, or keep him for the last year of his deal and then let him go. Its not the end of the world if he stays and plays out his contract. But I'd prefer he be traded now.

And you mention that he's been playing hurt. Well he's hurt a lot and now he's passed 30. Do you think an older version of Osi will be healthier than the younger version was?

[/quote] Yes I do. Osi had the hip procedure one year and the knee the next. Those were his two major ailments. With that resolved, you will see an element he did not have the last two years - the chase. Osi could not run after he did his initial burst up-field. Also, you have to stop with this "third best defensive end" nonsense. Osi is being compared to Tuck and JPP, these guys are (all around) all-pro and possibly future hall of fame defensive ends. Yet Osi is still the best PASS RUSHER on the Giants. It isn't like being third best overall defensive end is an insult, it is all relative. Unless you work for the Giants, I don't want to hear anything about cap space, where there is a will, there is a way. The Giants got to and won the superbowl because of their pass rush and it will remain that way.[/quote]

Numbers are numbers. the cap is what it is.

"Where there's a will there's a way" is fantasy. You have to start cutting people in order to increase your cap space. We have reconfigured all the contracts we can.

Osi is a great pass rusher. Buts thats all he is. He's one dimentional. And he plays hard when he feels like it as well.

I really don't want to get into an argument about Osi. This thread is about picking who you want in the draft vs. who you think we'll draft.

Do you have a position on this or not?