[quote user="T.Rice57"][quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="GmenFan1980"][quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="T.Rice57"]Who are some players the Giants are projected to go after with our 1st round pick that folks would consider "freak athletes?"* With our BPA mentality, is there a freak we may go after that could surprise us b/c it's not a need.*

The only person I can think of from an intangible standpoint is the WR from Georgia Tech.* He's tall, can leap and is very fast.*

Any thoughts?
[/quote]The thing about Hill is he times so much faster then he plays. He isnt smooth as a route runner so unless he is running in a straight line his speed is useless. He is a lot like Heyward Bey[/quote]

To be fair to bey, he has gotten better. Still not worth a first round pick, but still lol[/quote]The point is I dont think he will be ready to play in the Giants offense.[/quote]

Gotcha.* Yea, I didn't know much about Hill, just read about his bio/stats.*

What about other positions?* Is there a pass rusher that would be too hard to pass up?* A DB, or LB?* I don't believe there's a RB that stands out at 32, but maybe an OT?*

Amini Silatolu and Kelechi Osemele (both OG/OTs) are freakish in size and athletic ability at that size. I could see the Giants taking either of those guys.

Besides Dontari Poe, no one else in this draft strikes me as a physical freak (plenty of great athletes though).

Keep in mind that we consider JPP a physical freak but his measurables weren't off the charts at the Combine (beaten by a lot of other guys in all phases except phone-recorded back flips).