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Thread: post your final 7 round Giants mocked draft

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    Re: post your final 7 round Giants mocked draft

    [quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="NY_Eli"]

    Do you really think Bolden will slide all the way down to the last pick in the draft? Not being facetious, just curious.[/quote]

    I dont think a lot of those guys will be there. But maybe Bolden goes in the 6th and Akiem Hicks goes in the 7th. Its mostly just a complete guess in later rounds[/quote]

    Hmm ok. I thought he was rated as a midround guy but cant say i know for sure myself.

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    Re: post your final 7 round Giants mocked draft

    Here goes,

    1) Coby Fleener TE Stanford.

    2) Mohamed Sanu, WR Rutgers.

    3) Derek Wolfe, DT CIncinnati.

    4a) Brandon Mosley, OT Auburn.

    4b) Robert Turbin RB, Utah State.

    6) Michael Brewster C, Ohio State.

    7) Ryan Davis DE, Bethune Cookman.
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    Re: post your final 7 round Giants mocked draft

    1. Doug Martin RB Boise St- The guys good at everything, and seemingly has no weakness, outside of maybe not being quite as much a blazer as some, all though he does have enough breakaway speed, to take it to the house on any carry. We also could use em on KR's for awhile, before he takes over as a Starter, whenever that would be.. Doug Martin is the complete package, and a total replica of MJD and R.Rice..

    Alt Pick- Jerel Worthy DT Michigan St- big upside, and great run stuffing ability, who also should develop into a DT that u have to worry about crashing the pocket more then just on occasion.. Reese will no doubtedly be very intrigued with this kid...


    2. Dwayne Allen TE Clemson- Everyone knows how high i am on Allen.. I've said numerous amounts of times, that i see a young Fred Davis, without any off field issues, and Allen would have a consistent, good QB throwing him the football.. Allen is one of those players whos just simply good at "FOOTBALL", and those are the guys i really like.. It dosen't matter about his combine numbers, because the guy just gets it, and will be a force in the pros...

    Alt pick- Mitchell Schwartz OT Cal- really reminds me of a Giants type Draft pick and lineman.. As much as i believe in James Brewer, we could use depth and someone to challenge the 2nd yr OT...


    3. Tyrone Crawford DE Boise St- Perfect future replacement for JT.. A powerful end, who gets to the qb.. Reese loves the Dline, as we know, and Age is slowely catching up to Tuck, and Osi is obviously in his last yr..

    Alt Pick- Orson Charles TE Georgia- Big upside, and very strong TE, who has "skys the limit" potential.. I like Ladarious Green a bit better, and if Charles was gone, i think we'd give Green a look, but Charles has the blocking potential, more so then Green, hence he gets the edge...


    4. Omar Bolden CB Arizona St-I think if he was healthy this past yr, he'd been a 2nd rd pick.. The giants are obviously interested, as tehy had him in pre-draft visit, and i could see reese really covet the kid, because of said size/potential value(if healthy, getting 2nd rd talent in rd 4)....

    Alt Pick- Jaye Howard DT Florida- Penetrating DT, who could make perfect complement to the run stuffing abilitys of Joseph.. I really like Jaye Howard alot!


    4. Tom Compton OT S.Dakota St- I've talked about him a few times of the past few months, as a sleeper to watch out for.. Hes got great size, and kinda fits that "where your hard hat" way that so many of our olineman have over the past several seasons.. Watch out for Compton tommorow, he could go a little earlier then some thing, possibly late 3rd/early 4th..

    Alt Pick- Vick Ballard RB Miss St- a bruiser, who has deceptive speed, and is a sleeper of a few of us on these boards, including myself..


    6. Danny Coale WR Va Tech- I love this kid.. I think he'd fit absoulutley perfectly with what we got at the positon.. Hes got a thick lower half, kinda built like a RB at about 6ft 200lbs... He can go over the middle and take a hit, and sneak past you deep on occasion.. I could see him and Eli gaining a nice repoire together over the yr's... He also dosent seem like the type that would wine or be a baby if the ball wasen't thrown his way all the time, which is good when u got talents like Cruz and Nicks on board.. Also, has exp as a PUNTER, and can serve as a emergency Punter if needed..

    Alt Pick- Levy Ad**** OT Oklahoma St- Great value this late in the draft.. Versatile player, who plays with a nasty streak, and is a road grader, and again, as i said with Compton, has that feel that many of our past lineman have, as a "wheres his hard hat" to work everyday..


    7. Garth Gerhart C Arizona St- One of my favortie C prospects in this class.. I think hes better then Molk, whos rated much higher then Gerhart.. Is very strong and expierenced, and has the NFL bloodlines as teh younger brother of Vikes RB Toby Gerhart.. Plays the game the same way as his brother, going all out on every snap..

    Alt Pick- Tahir Whitehead LB Temple

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    Re: post your final 7 round Giants mocked draft

    [quote user="paul007"]1) Doug Martin (RB), Mike Adams (OT), Nick Perry (DE), Devon Still (DT/DE)

    2) Trade out of Round 1: Doug Martin (RB), Bob Massie (OT), Dwayne Allen (TE), Mohamed Sanu (WR), Brandon Thompson (DT)

    3) Robert Turbin (RB), Bernard Pierce (RB), Isaiah Pead (RB), Ladarius Green (TE), Alshon Jeffries (WR)

    4) Chris Rainey (RB), Brandon Mosley (OT), Michael Egnew (TE), Tom Streeter (WR), Omar Bolden (CB), Brandon Taylor (S), Jake Bequette (DE) or Tyrone Crawford (DE)

    6) T.Y. Hilton (WR), Coryell Judie (CB), Chase Minnifield (CB), Nate Potter (OT), Matt Reynolds (OT)

    7) Tauren Poole (RB), Levy Ad**** (OT), Donte-Paige Moss (DE), Akiem Hicks (DT)[/quote]

    Alshon Jeffrey in the 3rd round really???

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    Re: post your final 7 round Giants mocked draft

    last time i post my edited mock:

    te- c fleener (stan); rb- d martin (boise st); wr- s hill (geo tech); ot- m adams (ohio st); dt- d still (penn st); de- a branch (clem)

    wrs- m sanu (rutgrs), c givens (wake for) ; te- d allen (clem); rb- c polk (wash); ot's- b massie (miss), m schwartz (u cal); de- v curry (wake); dt- b Thompson (clem)

    olbs- k robinson (u tex); rbs- r turbin (ute st), ), i pead (cinci), c gray (tamu); wrs- m jones (ucal), aj Jenkins (u illi), j criner (u azona); cb- o bolden (ariz st); c- b jones (u ga)

    4th (2 picks):
    lb's- a cole (nc st), e acho (u tex); cbs- a Jackson- pr (cal poly), c judie (tamu), l johnson (iowa at); fb/hb- e rodriguez (temp); rb- t poole (tenn); fs's- t robinson (mich st), a henry ( wisc); te- r ellison (usc)


    de- j miller (wvu); ot- l ad**** (ok st); cbs- e davis (e caro), c sensabaugh (aubrn); te/hb- j hanna (u okla); ol- r miller (colorado); de- d paige-moss (u nc); dt- a hicks (regina); te's- k koger (u mich), g bryan (nc st); c- q saulsberry (miss st)

    7th & UDFAs
    dts- n jean-baptiste (Baylor), c anunoby (morehouse), d hamilton (mizzoo), r cameron (old dom); des- f alexander (okla), j francis (rutgrs), b mcnally (n hamp), j ortiz (harvd); slb- k toomer (idaho); ss/fs- m daniels (u kent); fss- n Thorpe (aubrn), c mosley (u va) ; fs/cb- r golden (u azona); cb's- c chism (u md), j lane (n'westrn)
    ots- m zusevics (iowa), d barclay (wvu), p cornick (n dak st), j carmon (miss st); ol- a netter (nwestrn); c- w vlachos (abama); og/c- d snow (u tex); wrs- j white (w mich), l lewis (e caro), c owusu (stan), e akpla (mont st), t mayo (cal , pa), j talley (u mass); te- a robinson (cinci)

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