[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="buddy33"]Who has changed in his top 5? Looks like the same top 5 everyone has had for a while now.[/quote]at each pos. Chandler Jones went from not being in hisTop 5 at DE to his number 1 DE. Fletcher Cox went from his 5th to #1 .Ive had him #1 for longer then he has Shea Mcclenin a guy me and Sportzfan have talked about since the summer wasnt on his board now he is #1. He just realized he could play .He was completely ignored till he ran a fast 40. U couldnt see he was fast before that. Go watch the Bowl game. Brock Osweiler throws a pick in the Endzone and watch Shea get out in front and block on the 99 yard INT return Moving a guy from #3 to #1 like the Fleener move is acceptable but when U start moving guys that much its a little funny i think Mayock is great but it seems like he is being swayed a lot like Kiper and Mccshay this year[/quote] All my guys i thought would rise months ago have.. I also was also talking about Fletcher Cox on a bunch of threads well before his rise.. I trust my own analysis more then any draft guru anyhow..lol Sounds ****y or whatever, but i feel i spend way way way to much time on the draft, that i think i got it down just as good as anyone, even though they got more inside info then me..

Litteraly, Cox, Martin, Mercilus, are 3guys i called rising about most if not all of there positons, when Cox was a perdicted 2nd rder, Mercilus a 2nd rder, and Martin a 2nd-3rd rder.. With cox, u just look at his defined physique and the way he makes plays, which as a DT, when u got the size and pure playmaking ability, your going to rise up boards, end of story.. With Martin, all u have to do when watching em, is think of the success of Ray Rice and MJD, and how there eerily similar in Size and there skills, and u add in that Martin can return kicks, and its like, dang!!!LOl

Mercilus is in teh same boat as Cox, where he makes plays and forces turnovers, and is very strong.. Hes basically a more athletic justin tuck.. The motor on Cox, Mercilus and Martin are all fantastic as well..

One guy i definetly thought would rise though, and hasen't quite risen, at least publicly , is Casey Hayward CB Vandy.. That freaking kid is nasty.. We all know hes not a Elite speed guy, but he flat out has great technique, and makes plays on the ball.. Hes obviously a smart kid, coming from Vandy as well, which dosen't hurt, especially when playing CB... I was saying months ago, and i stand by it, that i thought Hayward was a better prospect then Kirkpatrick, who now has kinda lost his shine a bit, but when i first said it, he was still pretty much consensus number 2 CB, when now, hes got a bit of doubt, with Gilmore out there...