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Thread: Courtney Upshaw

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    Re: Courtney Upshaw

    [quote user="greenca190"]The ravens tried real hard a couple years back to find a rusher opposite Suggs when they picked up Sergio kindle in the 2nd. We all know how that worked out. I don't see upshaw making it past them.[/quote]

    That would be a good fit.

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    Re: Courtney Upshaw

    [quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="Shockeystays08"]One thing he doesn't lack is a burst! He is described as explosive. Has does an explosive guy have a lack of burst? You don't like him as a player? What in the world???? He would be great for us but he won't be there![/quote]

    I see a very average burst. Not a speed rusher, hes a power rusher. He has very good heavy hands, and is effective with them.

    I think he attributes better as a 3-4 OLB similar to a less athletic Lamarr Woodley[/quote]

    I'd call him more of a technician then a power rusher.

    He is all hand work and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. As a pure pass rusher however, I think he will fare better standing up (will allow him to use his hands more/faster).

    On the tapes I've seen of him he didn't strike me as elite pass rusher (speed wise). He has a good burst off the ball but not the continued speed or the flexibility of a Demarcus Ware or Dwight Freeney.

    I think Upshaw will be very successful in the NFL with the right team (a 3-4 team). I don't think he'd fall to the Giants nor do I think he'd fit our scheme very well.
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