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Interesting, since all of the picks are made by the teams' beat writers . . . . . except that Paul Schwartz made the Giants pick (Fleener), which*probably assures that we will not take Fleener.* The guy is an idiot.* *


I just don't get the Fleener love affair.* He might be there at 64 for all we know.* I would just be so dissappointed if we picked him.

[/quote] Why? He's the best rated TE in this draft, played in a pro-style offense at Stanford under a coach who just took his NFL team to the NFC Championship, and he'll most likely be BPA on the boards if he drops to us. And oh yeah, we need a TE desperately. Why on earth would we take him?![/quote]

He's a Travis Beckum wannabe.

Unless this kid can block (which he can't) he serves no real purpose for our offense.* Our problems on offense are in the running game.* O line (where it seems there may not be value at 32) or RB (and there should be good value there at 32) would be my preference.

D line, O line and RB.* to me those are our most pressing needs, especially if we deal Osi.

TE is way down the list....WAY down the list.* Don't forget we also signed Bennett.


I think you have that reversed.

Beckum was a Fleener (of the future) wannabe.

Fleener is much more polished and accomplished then Beckum was coming out of college.

Also Fleener is taller, faster and has better hands. He's the only high rated receiving TE in this draft that actually plays tight into the tackle (how we run our TEs).

The knocks on his blocking are that he doesn't *standout* as a blocker, which isn't to say that he's bad at it (he also wasn't asked to block a ton either). It's brought up because it's the only possible knock people can find on his game. The idiot talk about "elite" burst is ridiculous ... name a TE in the NFL who has "elite" acceleration. And he runs a 40 as fast as any TE in the league.

I don't think he'll be Jimmy Graham or Antonio Gates (he doesn't have that level of athleticism imo) but he could very well turn out to be a Rob Gronkowski.