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    Re: Giants Top 5 Targets for Round 1...... bank it!

    give you credit for putting it out there.

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    Re: Giants Top 5 Targets for Round 1...... bank it!

    [quote user="jomo"][quote user="G-Men Surg."][quote user="Shockeyitus"][quote user="Martyr"][quote user="GMENAGAIN"]

    I'm a Fleener guy, but I have a feeling that Zeitler could be the pick . . . .


    I'd be thrilled with Zeitler


    Zeitler reminds me a lot of Snee and Seubert... Just a tough SOB that likes toget nasty and maul someone. I don't hate the pick.[/quote]
    Yep, we are running empty in the nasty indicator on the O line, he could be a great value need pick .[/quote]Beatty wouldn't know nasty if it hit him in the face. I agree. This would be a very nice add.[/quote]
    I miss Rich Seubert, Ohara, Rugamer and Mac . They played with a nasty mean steak . Add those to Snee and they were quite a bunch .
    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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