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[quote user="michaelkhan3"][quote user="Shockeyitus"]1 - Coby Fleener 2 - Doug Martin 3 - Donta Hightower 4 - Devon Still 5 - Chandler Jones One of these guys will be on our roster Thursday night.[/quote]

I really dislike Chandler Jones. And I just don't get why people like Doug Martin better than David Wilson and Lamar Miller especially for the Giants.* *

Why dont you like Chandler Jones? IMO, he is another Tuck. I dont like how he shot up the boards though. He was a 3rd rounder after last season. Now he is a 1st rounder?

And We WILL NOT draft a TE with the #1 pick, unless we trade back.

[/quote] I think that's why he doesn't like Chandler Jones ... he's been over hyped of late. I'm not a huge fan either ... decent guy but he doesn't have the athleticism that Tuck has, nor the elite pass rush skills the Giants cherish. i tend to agree with you about the TE position ... I don't see the Giants drafting one in the first but Reese still has a small enough draft sampling to surprise us I think. I equate it to us drafting Nicks in the first round in 2009. Obvious need, obvious value.[/quote]

Thats why I'm hoping he goes with Wilson or Doug Martin.* He has shown a willingness to go with need.* He went KP in 08 and Nicks in 09.* The last two drafts however have been BPA.* Only because our targeted guys were gone.* (at least in '10 with Mclain)


Yep yep.

Although I don't think JPP was BPA (Iupati was concensus BPA at the time of our pick AND a need). JPP was more potential then anything else.

But boy they got that one right.