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So untrue.

Martin is heads and tails better then all cut back runners in this draft with the possible exception of David Wilson.

Put them next to eachother and Martin definitely blows away the competition (and the only reason he isn't the #1 back is because Richardson has both ability and prototypical size (and I think Martin actually may win here if he proves to be another MJD or Ray Rice).[/quote]

I just disagree. I watch them all and I see nothing special about Wilson or Martin compared to the later backs. Slightly better players yes, but not that much better.

Im not the only one who feels this way either - "Want a RB at 32? Several scouts tell me there's equal value in several RBs being projected as second-, third-, and even later-round picks." - Vacchiano[/quote]

My daughter is about as qualified to scout college players as Ralph Vacchiano is haha.

The trick is who will emerge in the NFL ... I could certainly be wrong (and admittedly am the worst judge of college talent translating to the pro level).

But what I see when I look at Doug Martin is MJD or Ray Rice (and Doug Martin looks a ton more impressive then Ray Rice did in college (Rutgers fan here)).

I like small thick backs (heh) who have great balance and low centers of gravity. They seem to do well in the NFL.

But I would be ok with Turbin in the 3rd as well and I think a power rusher would compliment AB better in fact.