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My daughter is about as qualified to scout college players as Ralph Vacchiano is haha.[/quote]

Had nothing to do with Vacchiano.

I just dont see HBs being worth a first round pick unless they are rare talents, like Peterson or Richardson. Martin is not close to that same category to me.

How many backs drafted in the first round have become the best backs in the league? Peterson, maybe Chris Johnson if he shows up again this year.

All these great backs, MJD, Rice, were end of the 2nd round picks.[/quote]

I absolutely agree. And I think the trend is starting to catch up to the draft projections (that and this year isn't deep in RBs).

I do think Martin is one of those rare talents, but as I said, that might just be a case of me watching him and seeing something that doesn't materialize at the NFL level.

I could also see David Wilson being that guy in exactly the same mold ... the difference between him and Martin is that Martin has a little better weight on him (and seems to be a just a tad faster at the second level).