[quote user="GGTM_1977"]Don't understand the obsession with Fleener or HIghtower. Fleener is more of a receiving TE and not so much a blocking one, if we draft him we may as well just list him as a WR if thats what he comes here for. I don't like the idea of a LB with the 1st unless its Kuechly...the other prospects have a 3-4 defense feel to them. If we go RB I won't be disappointed......if we go Dline I will be happy. I also am one that would love a WR like Hill or Randle at this pick, since Eli can always use more weapons.[/quote]

This is becoming a pass happy league and running backs are now splitting carries more often. Why waste a first round pick on a guy that is going to split carries? Fleener is a legit receiving threat and does an above average job blocking. He will be a perfect fit for the Giants offense.

Hightower is a guy I really like and his football IQ is extremely high. I have no doubts that he could convert to a 4-3 defense and become a pro bowler. Kuechly is obviously the prize of the LB's, but he very well may be gone.

I dont like the Ruben Randle pick at #32. Thats a reach.